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Hydrating Sugar Scrub (feet or hands)  $15

CBD feat. Healing Rose Co. Lavender  $15

Lemon Ginger Extra Strength $20

Tiger Balm $15

Aromatherapy Select Blends Essential Oils


Treatment Options

Heal Your Body

Golden Leaves

Nuad Thai Massage

60 minutes  $145

90 minute  $200

Nuad Thai Massage is a fully clothed massage, traditionally practiced on the ground. This style incorporates yoga-like positions and stretching. The practitioner also applies adequate pressure on acupressure (pressure points). It is important to come dressed in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, that you feel comfortable moving in. The practitioner applies pressure with their fingers, palms, elbows, knees, and feet as you are guided through a series of rhythmic stretches, while laying on your back, stomach, side, and in a sitting position. As each stretch is paired with an inhale or exhale, this massage will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and renewed. It is an amazing experience.

Luscious Palm Leaves

Deep Tissue Treatment

60 minutes  $90
90 minutes  $120

Deep tissue is a wonderful modality that enhances pain relief by use of pressure that is "deep" enough to affect subsequent layers of muscles. The use of firm targeted pressure will relieve sore muscles and adhesion that limit range of motion of flexibility.

Relaxation Treatment

Light Touch - All Relaxation
60 minutes $90

90 minutes  $120

Swedish - with effleurage, and petrissage, long slow relaxation strokes and broad motions along the body designed to induce a calming state of mind maybe even fall asleep.

Pressure Point Massage

Body Specific Targeted Treatment

Scalp Massage

Neck Only

Feet Only (includes Reflexology)

45 minutes  $55

1 hour  $70

When you have a part of your body that you would love extra attention on more so than others, this is perfect for that scenario. Choose any of the service items listed for treatment and that's what you shall receive, 

Hand Massage
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