When you start anew.

Onward and Upward.

Starting a new business can be a daunting task. It's nerve racking and somewhat scary. The beauty of this is that you discover who you are as a person. You become someone that has been given direction to finding how to direct yourself. To breathe new life into yourself requires that type of focus. You ultimately will unearth a lot that you don't like about yourself and mull over all the the flaws you think you have. Truthfully, you can dwell on those imperfections or areas you are lacking in, or, you can go ahead and decide to push yourself beyond that comfort zone. What have we to lose? We only live once right? Not only does starting a business help you be uncomfortable but you will also find that your growth is immense. You will start to feel hunger, and you direct your passionate energy and enthusiasm to your project, your "baby." You nurture it and take care of it, and maintain the integrity and honesty to those you serve and you will have something great to look back on when you have found your peace and your zen. Learn the power of patience, persistence, and gratitude. Everyone you bump into in your life if they resonate with you small or big, you have to take that as an opportunity to be grateful for those connections. We are all connected. If you do not like to deal with people, you will learn to like it. At times I know dealing with people can make you feel like it isn't worth it, but people are the vehicle to your success, whether you like it or not. So do you wait until tomorrow to jump on in? Or do you want to jump on in now?

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