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853 Main Street. Suite 203. Tewksbury, MA, 01876

About Warm Palms Massage

Owner - Johnny Sim, LMT

I am passionate about the healing arts and what it can do for humanity as a whole. Taking care of ourselves before anything else should be a priority.  It sounds selfish - but it actually is selfless, When we feel better, we are better, and it can inspire us to help others and take better care of our world. I find tremendous joy in relieving  someone's aches and pains through the power of touch. My style is very much like the ocean waves - I start slowly and then progressively treat at a steadier pace the deeper layers of the body to create change! In addition to applying various modalities I also harness the power of Reiki Treatment - which helps my hands heat up, hence the name I chose for my venture. I help people care for their physical bodies and reach optimal wellness. It is my work to spread my talents by continuing to help people in need of pain relief and relaxation in this noisy world we live in. I am grateful for my clients old and new, I hope you find your relaxation place at Warm Palms Massage. Be well. 





For a limited time - Warm Palms Massage Therapy is running a limited batch of groupon deals. We highly recommend our groupon clients to re-book after they have enjoyed their first session in order to feel better longer. Groupon deals will continue for first quarter of the new year and thereafter we will assess whether to continue/discontinue the Groupon program. As always, we welcome all clients that seek to improve their lifestyle no matter where they heard about us. 


CBD - What does it mean for you? 



For quite a long time I have benefited from cannabis and I strongly believe cannabis holds the answer to many of our modern day problems, societal and health - including ailments that plague our society. From anxiety to eczema, CBD seems to be the hot thing going on today. It's everywhere, in food, as vitamins, as teas, edibles, so many things! Medical professionals will either have a bias being for or against it, some of them are starting to come around about cannabis. I hope more of them do, as our world demands we grow with technology and etcetera, finding out new treatments, we cannot hang onto the Western way of treating symptoms but to address the root cause of those symptoms by alternative health practices.

Clients and people alike that have had CBD can be the voice to spread awareness about how it makes them feel. There are endocannabinoid receptors all over our body, our skin is the largest organ in the human body and has millions upon millions of nerve receptors. We are designed to uptake CBD from the cannabis plant. It has been found that we ourselves, produce some low amounts of CBD in our own bodies. This is fascinating! In massage therapy, clients can feel a sense of relief when it comes to stiff necks, and sore muscles. It is indescribable, but it's almost like CBD allows for your body to create a sense of space, less restriction or tension for the most part. It is super hydrating as well (when using an oil for example.)

Warm Palms Massage is currently featuring CBD products from "The Healing Rose Co." http://www.thehealingroseco.com Locally sourced and 100 percent organic, our clients can be confident in the quality of the products and they are fully tested by an independent lab. For a limited time, get 5$ off of the CBD add on to your service ($15). If you purchase a 90 minute massage treatment service you also are eligible for 10% off your purchase of CBD products such as oils, salves. To learn more about CBD and find additional answers to any questions you may have, visit: https://www.abmp.com/textonlymags/article.php?article=2097  . A lot of Massage Therapists are starting to use or have been using cannabis in their practice as opposed to conventional mediums like plain coconut oil or lotion. Schedule your session today!


Groupon Clientele can send their booking request to booking@warmpalmsmassage.com

Please be sure to include your full name, email address, and groupon voucher for booking. Once your information is received, expect a reply with available dates and times. Upon confirmation of your selected time for your session, you will get a follow up email with an intake form and a waiver to sign and complete. Please be aware there is a 24 hour cancellation policy that applies to all bookings.

There have been an influx of calls. My practice is growing at a rate faster than I expected. This is both very exciting and challenging. I welcome all clients! However, if you are calling you MUST leave a voicemail. My phone number screens calls and marks a lot of them "scam/spam" So if you do not leave me a voice message I cannot guarantee that I will get back to you. Thanks for your patience. You may also communicate via booking@warmpalmsmassage.com. Please and Thank You.

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