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853 Main Street. Suite 203. Tewksbury, MA, 01876

About Warm Palms Massage

Owner - Johnny Sim, LMT

I am passionate about the healing arts and what it can do for humanity as a whole. Taking care of ourselves before anything else should be a priority.  It sounds selfish - but it actually is selfless, When we feel better, we are better, and it can inspire us to help others and take better care of our world. I find tremendous joy in relieving  someone's aches and pains through the power of touch. My style is very much like the ocean waves - I start slowly and then progressively treat at a steadier pace the deeper layers of the body to create change! In addition to applying various modalities I also harness the power of Reiki Treatment - which helps my hands heat up, hence the name I chose for my venture. I help people care for their physical bodies and reach optimal wellness. It is my work to spread my talents by continuing to help people in need of pain relief and relaxation in this noisy world we live in. I am grateful for my clients old and new, I hope you find your relaxation place at Warm Palms Massage. Be well. 


Warm Palms Massage Therapy Suite

853 Main Street #203, Tewksbury, MA, 01876



Warm Palms Massage Offers a unique pain relieving experience with your treatment choice. We utilize top quality organic products that contains a concentration of CBD designed to melt away pain you may be experiencing. We are excited to partner up with and feature The Healing Rose Co. CBD Balms and Massage Oils. Clients will soon be able to take advantage of specials surrounding CBD and learn how to incorporate that into their self-care. We love CBD and we believe it is the new future of body and skincare.